Every project is different and suited to different needs. With that in mind, we have created a varied range of Interior Design packages. Whether you’re looking for a complete interior design concept, or are just missing a few pieces to bring your home together, we are here to help. Whatever service you choose, we always work collaboratively with our clients to create personal, bespoke design solutions to match their aspirations and lifestyle.


A complete residential or commercial interior design package, which includes everything from layout, to electrical, hard finishes, bespoke furniture, soft furnishing, sourcing, tendering and project co-ordination. We will work alongside your architect, or bring an architect onboard if necessary.

We start the process with a chemistry meeting. This is when we meet in person, I explain how we work and you set me the brief. The next step is the business meeting, it’s when we present to you our fee proposal, terms and conditions and talk about schedule of works. The third step is the design/concept phase where we start the creative process, interpret your needs by researching creative solutions and schemes for each space of your home. A comprehensive presentation is put together covering all the design aspects of the project. After you sign the design off, we will start on the technical design phase where we make the technical drawings of all bespoke furniture, draw the light plan and make sure all the solutions presented work across all aspects. The final stage is the project co-ordination. We are rigorous in our approach to the final stage of any project as, for me, it’s the most important phase of the project. It’s where our ideas take shape and your home come together. We oversee quality control, building works, installation and styling of every single item hopefully turning what can be quite a demanding time into a stress free time for our clients.


Project co-ordination plays an important role in the success of any interior design project. If you already have your scheme or your works have started, but you don’t have the time or expertise to look after the implantation, we can look after it for you. We can manage every aspect of it by proceeding with all suppliers orders, arrange all the deliveries, help you find contractors, joiners and other suppliers and supervise all the installations and styling of all items required to create your new home.


We help you to style your home with the right furniture, lighting and decorative items. This is a room-by-room service, where we will help you decorate your home with the right furniture, lighting, finishes and so on. We will plan and design your room, source all the necessary items to complement the existent ones, and recommend decorators or any tradesperson needed.


We will design bespoke furniture and solutions to fit your space and your needs. This service is perfect for when you have awkward rooms and require a very precise solution.


This service is ideal if you have a finished home already but are just missing a few pieces to bring it all together. We can find the items you have been looking for and suggest new finishing touches to bring the room together. With our sourcing service, we also pass on 50% of our trade discount to our clients.


These half day sessions are a great package for people who want to run their own project but need some advice. We will come and meet you at the location and talk about your ideas and plans, answering any questions you may have and coming up with practical advice and suggestions. We can advise on layout, paint colour, storage solutions and pretty much anything else you have in mind.